You’re Snug With Me

You’re Snug With Me is the second book in the series of Mother and Baby books that Lantana Publishing has brought out with Poonam Mistry and I.

Right after You’re Safe With Me was released, the response was wonderful. Children and adults loved the artwork and the theme of reassurance resonated with everyone.

So Alice Curry publisher of Lantana, asked me if I would write another story, this time set in the polar. I’ve always loved the majestic grace and power of the polar bears and I quickly agreed.

Then came the research

At first we thought perhaps we could move from Mama Elephant in You’re Safe With Me to Papa Bear in You’re Snug with Me. But I found out after research that Papa Bears don’t hibernate. So I started reading and understanding more about Mama Bears and how cubs are born.

The Theme Emerged

As I discovered more about the cubs and the world which they inhabited, I realised that their journey to adulthood, is not very different from ours. At the same time, the survival of polar bears was also dependent on us. The more we contributed to global warming, the more the ice would melt. And somehow that was something we all needed to understand.

So what’s the book about?

This is a book about exploration of your world. Children often discover their world by asking questions, by exploring, by experimenting and this is how the polar bears learn too. While they’re still growing their fur, they are snug in their mother’s embrace, inside a den, curious about the outside world.

This is a book about all our habitats. We share this planet with so many other creatures and as humans we are not only powerful to destroy it, but we also need the compassion and empathy to protect it. We have to look after our planet because this is the only planet we have.

Watch this trailer to get a little taste of the book.

Illustrator Poonam Mistry

Please follow Poonam on Instagram to find out more about the inside story of the art. She will show you her rough sketches and B&W drawings, and how Inuit art inspired the designs in this book.

Lantana Publishing

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Eleanor Abbott from Oxford Brookes University has created a cross-curricular teaching resource based on this book. Check it out here.


We’re ever so grateful to all the praise for the art and the words and the wonderful production of this book. Here are some of the notable reviews.

‘Lyrical language and the mesmerizing illustrations…

 Maryann Owen, ALA Booklist, STARRED

‘Parental love, sound ecological advice, and breathtaking illustrations all in one.’

Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

‘The book is a tribute to environmental awareness and cultivating a healthy respect for the fierce beauty of the frozen North. Golden hues mix with shades of indigo to depict a celestial polar sky and the diverse creatures living under it.’

Foreword Reviews,STARRED

‘A heart-warming story of polar bears in the frozen north, with themes of family and the environment.

Fiona Noble, Editor’s Choice – Children’s Previews (November), The Bookseller

‘Through atmospheric and beautifully written prose, and some truly dazzling illustrations, Chitra and Poonam guide us gently through a story of what it’s like to be a little one discovering your world for the first time.

Phil May, Read It Daddy

‘Exhilarates and informs while imparting parental wisdom and love through the eyes of a child. A lovely book!’ – Floyd Cooper, award-winning author of The Blacker the Berry

‘A stunningly, beautifully illustrated story by the team of author Chitra Sounder and artist Poonam Mistry,

Midwest Book Review

‘Breathtaking artwork and a beautiful story with a gentle environmental theme, this is a book to take in, to ponder, to read while snug with loved ones.’

Danielle Davis, popular blog This Picture Book Life

‘Carefully chosen words cast a gentle spell over the reader. The distinctive illustrations in this one are sumptuous.’ – Karen Argent, The Letterpress Project

‘More than just a soothing bedtime story, You’re Snug With Me is an important environmental story as well. Beautifully lyrical prose and wonderfully unique illustrations.’ – Alex Baugh, Randomly Reading