Diary of a Patron of Reading – In Hiding

What does a Patron of Reading do when she’s not patronising her school? Because you’re asking nicely, I’ll let you in on the secret.

  1. She writes new stories. Look at the two new books that are coming out in January 2017.


2. She watches birds. Not in cold and damp hides. But just from the window of her new house in Wiltshire.

3. She goes to the zoo to watch her favourite animals.

4. She goes shopping for socks. It’s brrrr cold out here. I’m sure it is colder in Norfolk.

But mostly when a Patron of Reading is not at the school, she is usually do the most important thing of all – READING.

I’ve been reading all sorts of books. ┬áHere are two that I read during Christmas.


So what did you read over Christmas? Mention below in the comments.