Isolation Inspirations!

Here is a book of poems about our current situation of staying at home.

Are you inspired to write your own? What will you write about? Here are some ideas:

  1. How has your schedule changed? What time is homeschool now? When do you go out to play?
  2. Have you noticed the little bird up the tree that you can see from the garden? It used to visit when you were in school. Now you can see the bird too.
  3. How about the sounds you hear? Is it quieter than normal? What can you hear instead? The sounds inside the house – is Dad baking? is Mum typing on her computer? Is Gran singing? Worse, is Grandad singing?
  4. How is the food different? Are you eating more vegetables or less? Are you making your own favourite dinners?
  5. What about friends? How are you keeping in touch? What if you wrote a letter to him in poem form?
  6. Do you remember your teachers? What do you think they are up to now?

If you write a poem or a monologue or an essay or a story based on the above, post on social media and tag @csoundar on Twitter and @chitrasoundar on Instagram!

I’ll choose one amazing poem and send a free book out to you, when I next go out. How about that?